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Virtual PC does much of the ugly work for you, and since the hardware is simulated, there aren't any problems with recognising graphics cards, networking equipment and the like. Once you've got Virtual PC running -- it runs as a window on the desktop, or takes over the screen if you tell it to -- Connectix's clever design comes to the fore. The PC environment is seamlessly integrated with the Mac, allowing you, for example, to cut and paste or drag and drop files between Mac and PC environments. When you roll the mouse pointer into the PC space, it becomes the PC mouse.

Virtual PC shares the Mac's Internet connection and supports the popular PC network protocols, allowing you to access corporate data and printers, for example.

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The applications we tested, including Microsoft Office tools, all worked fine. There are a few other useful new features with version 5, such as OS X multi-processor support, optimised user interface speed and the ability to revert to a saved Windows state -- which could be useful if you're doing software testing or working in a school computer lab. The main disadvantage of all this is performance, which still feels sluggish.

Mac OS 9 for Windows

Connectix has eased some of the pain by optimising basic system functions like drop-down menus and application launches, but on processor-intensive applications like Photoshop the speed is so slow it's difficult to bear. The drag is more noticeable in OS X. Connectix says that the OS is so new that it hasn't yet had time to implement the optimisations that it has built into the OS 9 version, and says there's a 20 to 30 percent speed difference.

However, for many common applications -- particularly office tools -- Virtual PC remains a perfectly usable alternative to an expensive investment in new hardware. Hands on with the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite: Some superb features and a fabulous interface.

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Nonda ZUS backup camera hands-on: Great innovation for older cars. I swapped out all but one of my G4s running Considering getting a used or refurbished PowerPC Mac that comes with its original system discs. Note, once you upgrade a machine to Leopard, no Classic support exists. To learn more about the distinction read this tip:.

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About your only real alternative if you must run that old hardware is to get and old Mac that runs what you need as A Brody suggested. That is a MacPro1,1 that doesn't give you trouble-free support for installing Windows 7 Pro bit, but that is what you would need to use more than 1.

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While Apple only supplies drivers for Windows 7 unless you have access to And install XP on its own hard drive, though realize it really doesn't give you very good support for the hardware you have. Dec 29, It is very possible to do this with a VM. But this is a developer-level setup that takes a fair amount of fiddling to get working and keep working.

PowerPC computers are really cheap these days. I kept my last one and it sits in the corner ready to run Mac OS X When needed, we power it up and run older software under "Classic" emulation.

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Virtual Machine for OS 9???? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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