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Here I have selected two notes and export 2 notes at one time. The print setting page will pop up and you just select your vitual printer and click on "Print" button. A new windows will pop up. Fill in file name and click on "Save" button. The conversion will start and the converted pdf file will stored on your computer. Although Evernote does not offer "export evernote to pdf " option, it did have four exporting options as below picture.

Why not export evernote as html and convert the html to pdf? If you are interested in this method, keep reading. Right click the note you want to export and select "Export to" at the drop-down list. A new window will pop up to request you fill in the file name. Just fill the name and click on " Save" button, the exporting process will start. Once the note has been exported, a notification will pop up. Epubor eBook Converter is the best ebook converter which can convert eBooks to any other format.

There is not any trial limitation in its trial version and you can use the trial version for as long as you like. The above mentioned ebook converter only can convert DRM-free files to any other format. What's more, the built-in conversion feature is also free in this software. Drag and drop the html to Epubor Ebook converter, then select and click on "Convert to pdf" at the central bottom.

The html file will be converted to PDF. But when I "Print note.

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The second page contains the contents of the pdf. This is wasteful--it prints 2 pages for each one-page note. I tried different workarounds unsuccesfully. That was good enough for my purposes though it does not really solve the "Print" issue. I've the same problem running 6. I'm happy to submit another bug report but does anyone know the status of the previous bug report.

Has anything been done about it?

Print to Dropbox, Evernote, or an actual printer from your iPhone or iPad

Incidentally, my workaround was to double-click the PDF in the note which opens it in a PDF reader and then print from there. Works but way more effort than it should require if Evernote handled this properly. I had put in a bug report on my above-mentioned synching issue, which was solved by Evernote tech support. I don't believe that I ever put in a bug report on this printing issue. I opened this thread instead. I thought that some tech support reps were reading this thread, but maybe not. There is NO guarantee that Evernote "tech support" personnel will read any thread on these forums.

It is often said every thread is read by someone from Evernote. But I have no way of verifying that. Reporting a bug should be available to all users, including Free Account owners. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted October 26, Share this post Link to post. Posted October 27, Posted October 28, To me, this suggests a basic problem with the App itself.

Posted October 30, I checked again just now, and it is still working for me.

How to Add Evernote to a Printer | Your Business

Does it not work for you? Posted November 7, Posted January 9, I have the same problem, I used to have all my pdf's into evernote. Posted January 30, Evernote on Android works fine. In fact that's one key reason that I use it: Evernote works well in the browser and on my phone.

I can't say that about the apprentices that you listed, especially since I don't use a Mac, which you focus on.

7 Simple Ways to Save Anything in Evernote

I use OneNote at work extensively so I tried it as a personal replacement for Evernote, but it has a different organization approach that I don't find useful, especially since I find tags more useful. Evernote had its faults, but what made it good to begin with is still very good. I looked hard at replacements during the privacy debacle. But it really wasn't a good replacement. Evernote was my choice, mainly because it was the first. I could sync my PC, tablet and phone.

Their 2-device limit drove me away, otherwise I would not have checked out alternatives. Perhaps Evernote would be more innovative if they were willing to pay potential employees a higher and more realistic salary based on their background and experience. I considered a job with them, but their salary offer was a total insult. I felt like telling them where to stick it.

You don't get great, innovative products paying mediocre salaries. You get mediocre employees and products. I'm an Evernote power user, just shy of 50, notes, mostly PDF and jpg notes. I pay for premium because I rely on it's ability to search text inside PDF files and the larger upload limit. That said I'm always on the lookout for an alternative. I use the windows desktop version and every update makes changes that disrupt my workflow. I've been ignoring updates and using version 6. They've messed up stack search now fixed , the way they show PDFs, the way they print and, as you said, markdown is horrid.

They can't even place the cursor where I click! Ironically I keep a physical notepad on my desk in case of freezing when I'm on the phone with a client.

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I'll keep using it but as you said, I wish they would focus on it's core functionally instead of gimmicky features. I use it for many things and love having ideas m, thoughts, web clips, etc. I think the note:writing tools are too basic. The dictionary function is weak. I recently switched to Windows. The user interface is really antiquated. I occasionally use the iPhone and iPad versions. Are they from the same company? The UI of both is almost unusable.

I use the web clipper all the time. I too was seduced by free OneNote, but their version of the Web Clipper doesn't work well. For my research purposes, that's a no-go. Evernote's Web Clipper works perfectly. I might add that I don't mind paying for Premium. As Jeffrey Herr states, the flexible search beats OneNote. Lastly, I tried exporting notes to OneNote from Evernote. Unfortunately, the formatting was haphazard and a fruitless exercise. Back to Evernote.

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I use OneNote at work at miss these features and more all the time. Rob Nightingale. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Unfortunately, Bear is currently a disaster. It will not sync between devices. Very clickbait ish and cry baby. I'm actually considering switching back to Evernote or maybe some alternative.

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I agree with the poor note locking options though. I have tried so many note taking apps and whilst Evernote has flaws, others are much much worst. One last thing: always be wary of free services.

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Are you trying to undermine Evernote? Because EN is no longer offering Plus. It's Premium or Basic now. Linux client would be nice after all these years Hadn't heard about that one. Will definitely give it a try.

2 Writing in Evernote: Mac

I second Nimbus. It's the best of the alternatives. Any ideas?