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Also the likely hood of someone here that uses that program and has had the same issue is slim, but always worth a shot I guess. While you wait, consider trying this. Also, try contacting the companies support.

They know their product better than probably the majority of us. I've googled these problems enough. I'm going for broke here and posting this. I'll call company support asap. Cake Day.

Troubleshoot Virtual DJ Invalid Skin Error on Mac

Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Virtual DJ "invalid skin file error in line 0 of xml ". Continue this thread. I also tried editing the png files to make the lines on the slider knobs a little brighter.

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Both times, staring with a clean Zip file I encountered the same error. So I tried decompressing the zip file and recompressing it without actually making any changes and that failed too so it's not an editing issue.

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They do not seem to be tied to the name of the skin "virtualdj8" or "david" Posted Mon 12 May 14 pm. The first line in the XML tells the software which image to use.

If this is incorrect then the skin will not load. PS: Also try using legacy zip 2. I have only renamed the zip file.

DDJ-WeGO > FAQ | Pioneer DJ Support

I tried decompressing the default skin and recompressing with no changes keeping the same file name, and got the same error. I kept a backup of the original "virtualDJ 8. I'm thinking it is a compression issue. I'll look into the "2. I'm not sure what format OSX uses as default or how to change it.

I even tried decompressing and re-compressing the file on my windows 7 PC and ran into the same error when I copied it back in the skins folder on the mac.

Virtual Dj. recording error how to solve it tutorial