How to archive emails in outlook for mac 2011

If so, are there best practices for doing this the right way? Also though it may not apply to Outlook ie. With Outlook frontmost, click on your global Scripts menu button in the menubar. You should see two scripts for capture of one or multiple selected items to DEVONthink: one for selected mailbox es and one for selected message s.

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Bill - Many thanks, incredibly helpful. Some appear as icons at the foot of the emails, and by double-clicking them, I can open them fine. And some appear not to have come across at all. The attachments should have come over properly in the messages.

By default, the display uses Quick Look, in which attachments may not be immediately available. You can switch to display as rich text of a selected message by clicking on the Alternative Text button in the navigation bar immediately above the pane in which the message is displayed.

I tried to import a folder containing messages, using the procedure you outlined. When dragged from Outlook to that folder, they are.

How to Archive Email in Outlook for Mac

This method does not preserve conversation threads, if that matters. Thanks, Korm. I tried your method, but for some reason, ended up with a lot of junk in the bodies of many emails. Just tried a mailbox of emails, and it seems to be going smoothly. In this section we will make you familiar with solution to solve queries like how to archive emails in Microsoft Outlook for Mac.

If your inbox folder in Outlook for Mac is reaching its prescribed limit then one thing you can do is create an Archive folder. To do this follow under mentioned simple guidelines:. The Second method to archiving emails in Outlook is archive email folders. This provides an easy in restoring all folders in future. Note : Outlook does not allow selecting multiple mail folders at a time, therefore users have to select one folder at time for archiving.

Note : While copying large sized folder might take time. The Video and Top Shots folders have video and JPG files which are already compressed, so the disk space saved is tiny. A darn lot less than a Mac hard drive upgrade. Alas, Clusters is no more.


A download is still available which might only be the trial version. Keep in mind that Apple is changing the file system used in macOS. Newly installed Mac will have AFS installed by default. You can tell which from the Finder, Info pane for your hard drive. Office Watch has the latest news and tips about Microsoft Office.

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