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Reflection works better with multiple monitors Improvements Made blues brighter.

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Added yank and kill shortcuts to the editor. Works with retina displays. Bug Fixes A crash related to closing windows has been fixed. Typing in a disconnected terminal now works properly. New spring effect when scrolling or moving windows.

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Other Better support for opening text files from the Finder or Dock. Fixed some crashes related to closing windows and multiple monitors. Older MacBookPros no longer display an empty picture.

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Setting a custom reflection photo works once again. Smoother window resizing and font zooming. Better resampling for Picture and Camera documents.


Reflection image can be selected using an Open dialog. Initial window sizing and placement is smarter. Color, blur, and opacity options are available for Terminal windows. These are accessed on the color picker palette, summoned by clicking on the color well in the above.

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The standard Terminal window settings include a new translucent setting named Aerogel. The new Terminal application in Lion contains four built-in services. By default these services are not active, and must be turned on in the Keyboard Shortcuts system preference pane. New status controls includes display in tabs and minimized windows; and the showing of live content, with unread text, busy, and bell count indicators. Mention of third-party websites and products is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.

Features/ Color Terminals - Fedora Project Wiki

COM assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance or use of information or products found at third-party websites. In Lion, for some reason, by default the terminal is declared as " xtermcolor " instead of " xterm-color " which is what Ubuntu understands.

The other option is to redeclare in Terminal. Here's how to do that:. Here are my Settings. If you're doing an upgrade you will most probably keep your old configuration, but if you are doing a fresh install, you'll have to manually edit Terminal's configuration file and for that you will need a plist editor included in XCode that need to be installed via the App Store.

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One alternative you have is to crate a. This seems to be the default for newer versions of Ubuntu. To do this, change this line:. Ubuntu Community Ask!

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    Mac Terminal Colors for List Command: ls

    Any ideas? Here is the output of cat. See bash 1 for more options Lack of such support is extremely rare, and such a case would tend to support setf rather than setaf.