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MAC Diva Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

Move Your Body. Both lipsticks are suitable for all skin colors. Furthermore, they each come in a small tube of 3 grams in weight. Both lipsticks are rated excellent in terms of staying power as they can last up to five hours on the lips. Also, they are highly pigmented; a layer or two applied covers the fullness of the lips with an attractive brightness. The price of both lipsticks is relatively costly, depending on the category of buyer. In fact, many women are stuck to these iconic lipsticks because of the alluring quality they offer.

You can never go wrong in your choice of any of them to look chic and intoxicating, irrespective of your level of experience in using lipsticks. Cruise into anytime of the season with the softness of MAC Diva, and begin your winter season with the daring boldness and festive brilliance of MAC Sin. Both lipsticks go with simple as well as sophisticated looks and outfits. Sin has more of a matte finish than Diva, being a complete matte. Diva, on the other hand, is not fully matte.

This means that there is little need to reapply any at short intervals. They wear out uniformly on the lips, without leaving residues behind. While this scent is not-so-great for a few users, it is a great attraction for others. It helps them know it is the real deal since it is unique and can hardly be duplicated. Both lipsticks come in a portable, small size, and weigh a mere 3 grams. This makes them an easy carry-on in your purses or little makeup bag. The colour richness of both lipsticks is undeniable. They are super pigmented; a layer or two applied on the lips strongly highlight the fullness of the lucky lips.

This high pigmentation also helps them stay on longer than average. They do not disappear easily, except you deliberately clean them off. However, women with darker skin would totally appreciate the way Sin complements their skin. Even though they can wear both comfortably, they usually gravitate towards Sin more than Diva. MAC Sin lipstick is a very heavy burgundy red lipstick with a deep purple undertone.

It is a bold hue of red that distinctively and finely contrasts with a dark background. MAC Sin is a matte lipstick with a matte finish which makes it appear dry and without any lustrous shine. The matte finish of the MAC Sin lipstick gives it a bold, no-nonsense look. Dark skinned women find MAC Sin lipstick a worthy companion in their journey of pulling off timeless looks. The reason could be the sharp colour of the lipstick which does not look washed out against melanin-popping skins.

Its colour is a prominent burgundy red, and with a profound light red undertone. To get a full picture of the shade, watch this video…. MAC Diva is a matte lipstick with a satin finish. That makes it different from MAC Sin, which is a matte lipstick with a matte finish. MAC Diva lipstick pops out on the lips of all kinds of skin colour. Dark and fair women can use it comfortably as long as they are daring enough to wear the diva-redness. MAC Sin lipstick is known to possess a staying power of up to five hours when applied on the lips.

This is important because it cuts off the discomfort and haste associated with reapplying lipsticks. The fiercely bold and somewhat metallic colour strength of MAC Sin lipstick pays attention to the choice-y demands of women with dark skin tones. The deep purple undertone it possesses does not look washed out on dusky complexions.

Rather, it enhances the natural beauty from melanin secretion. The bullet-shaped cap of the MAC Sin lipstick gives a form of peculiarity to its design.

The tip retains its original shape without melting away, irrespective of the weather condition. MAC Sin lipstick makes boast with its colour richness and the full coverage it offers the lips with only a layer or two. Not every lipstick out there has this very conservative quality. Peep this video…. MAC Diva lipstick has been touted by some regular users, to remain intact on the lips for up to seven hours.

This could be true because it is a matte lipstick, and many matte lipsticks last long on the lips. Just as is obtainable in MAC Sin lipstick, the inconvenience of reapplying lipsticks often and on was dealt with. Women with chapped lips will be excited with this good news!