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My english is'nt good enough so that I do it myself. I have used another persons guide to booting USB and have restored your image to a USB and tried numerous other methods but still no luck. All of the commands work it just takes me to a prohibitionary symbol when trying to boot USB. I even tried booting a I was following this guide: I get more success when I skip the first command and follow through with the dev usb0 etc.

Either way however, it wont boot.

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At one point I was able to get the checksum error that he shows a picture of in the original article. I also changed my machine ID to powermac4,3 from 6,5, but I didn't store it. However, if I choose it or if I hold 'C' on boot, either way, it takes me to a gray screen. Do I need to do anything again in OpenFirmware to get this to boot up?

Mac mini G4 Booting OS 9

Sorry for all the posts. I am however having the multi display bug which is sticking me at x on the built in. Im reading backwards to find out how you fixed that.

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Okay I installed the r1 version for ibook g4. You fixed the resolution but now my backlight is all the way off and they keys to adjust it aren't working.

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Last post. I am now working with the r1 ROM.

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Brightness controls are reversed. Great work you have done!. Thanks to provided info.

I could only get sound to work while headphones are plugged into the headphone jack. When plugged in, sound plays out headphones and external speakers at the same time! But it works. I was also able to install the Unsupported G4s.

Installing Os 9.2.2 (Resolved - Thx to MacCubed)

After that I was able to boot and install. Removed the Multiprocessing folder from Extensions folder after install or else booting would stall. Booted up finally and the screen size was not showing up correctly, it was too small. I also had to remove "Remote Access" control panel for it to boot completely. Is this available elsewhere now?

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The original link provided in the first post says the iso is no longer publiclly available from that source. Stay hungry Stay foolish.

RSS topic feed. ThinkClassic specialises in the use, maintenance, repair, restoration and modification of vintage computers and peripherals. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. There are games that simply don't perform well with SheepShaver , plus networking with SheepShaver isn't reliable with Classic multiplayer games. Then I formatted the physical drive with an Apple Partition Map and the partition as HFS Extended Journaled, then I mounted the drive and copied dragged over the files and System Folder from the newly-installed disk image.

But when I boot the PowerBook with the drive hooked up I just get the blinking folder icon. I also tried dd -ing a working SheepShaver boot image to the physical disk, but I guess that doesn't have a partition map on it or something.

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It didn't work and diskutil list showed it as "Unknown. I tried dd ing the the Mac OS 9. Thank you! I found this topic: I will post back with results. Sun Jul 12, 1: Joined Wed Dec 31, 6: The older MacOS is super finicky to burn from a non mac.. If you have access to titanium on another Mac, try that route. Sun Jul 12, 7: Joined Thu Nov 26, 6: Sun Jul 12, 6: Joined Fri Sep 07, 5: Also, Disk Utility will not work because it tries to update the driver partition with a version of the boot driver that only works with OSX, and Yosemite Disk Utility can't handle the partition in any way.

Sun Jul 12, 9: I was able to successfully burn a universal Mac OS 9.