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Celebrate Or Save: The Best MAC Lipstick Drugstore Makeup Dupes

From Bollywood celebrities to makeup artists , everybody are fond of MAC lipsticks. Its totally understandable why any woman wouldn't want to own a MAC lipstick, but owning two to three lipsticks is okay , but what is to be done when you love almost all shades introduced by MAC , you don't want to be bankrupted. Indians have a hard time when it comes to MAC lipsticks, either the good shades are Out Of Stock or they are not duty free , which cost a bomb! While many woman dreaming owning a MAC lipstick , many of them buy 1st copies of Mac lipsticks which can be termed as fake and are quite harmful for lips as they are faked with a lot of harsh chemicals.

Its best to avoid first copies of your favorite lipsticks you cannot afford, instead look for dupes of the lipsticks. Its all about the way you carry yourself girls. With so many makeup brands coming out with affordable lip options that can beat high end makeup, we have nothing to worry about. Those who dreamt of owning atleast one gorgeous shade of MAC lipstick, don't lose heart! Its not the end of the world! After you read this post, you will know which affordable makeup lipstick to choose next time you crave for a MAC lipstick.

12 Drugstore Lipsticks That Are Exactly The Same As The Trendiest High End Lipsticks - Narcity

Well buying dupes is not about saving its about actually greeting to wear a rich shade you have always dreamt off, which I know means a lot for many lipstick lovers out there. If you are one of those girls who are broke almost all the time then these lipstick dupes will leave your wallet smiling.. Splurge or save?

Definitely, save! Personally , I find a lot of drugstore makeup brands making decent lipsticks from mattes to creams too satin finishes, which when compared to a lot of high end makeup would give the high end makeup a run for their money. All those who said you would never buy anything else if you tried a MAC lipstick don't get it that we buy dupes because why spend more when you can get the same for a lot more less!

After all, I personally think its how you carry yourself and not what you are wearing. Women have enough reasons to love their nude lipsticks and one which is flattering on medium to fair skin tones. The shade is a pretty nudish brown which would look great with a smokey eye or for day to day office wear.

Indian market has endless mount of products and there might be another a few dupes of MAC Velvet Teddy but the closest and the one that could actually beat Velvet Teddy would be Revlon's Mauve it over lipstick. But they look exactly the same on the lips, either the pigmented or not. Ever since I purchased my first red lipstick I knew I was a red lipstick girl through and through. I think when I wear a red lipstick I feel I own the world and I could almost pull up anything! A bad day turns into a good one with a single swipe of red lipstick, you must know how much girls love their red lipsticks by now.

How many of you agree that there is something timeless and compelling about a bold red lipstick? Mac Ruby woo is considered to be a cult favorite and is termed as a classic lipstick which suits almost all skin tones which is why the internet breaks when it comes to the number of searches on the dupes of the beautiful MAC Ruby woo. It is a MAC's Ruby Woo might beat a lot red lispticks in the market when it comes to perfect matte shade. And why not, its matte, gorgeous, compliments all skin tones and makes you look like a diva!

There's a Milani one in the gold tubes called Best Red. It's a really nice matte red color. The formula is great too Revlon lipstick in "Really Red" is a highly discussed dupe for Ruby Woo.


Thank you all! I will check them out!

And Issy, I already own Russian Red, and it does look really good on me! Haha, I just wanted to explore my options. Please help us maintain positive conversations here by following our guidelines below. We reserve the right to remove comments and topics that don't adhere to the following rules.

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The major difference here is the price, though. It's impossible not to fall in love with MAC's lipsticks. There are so many, and they are so pretty. There's basically a shade and texture for everyone on the planet! But sometimes you just can't afford them cry! A find courtesy of dupethat, this dupe is too good to pass up. MAC's Viva Glam products are so popular and so coveted that they sell out everywhere and are super hard to find. Diorshow Mascara, another one of those cult beauty products, is basically magic in a bottle.

I have used it before, and I absolutely love it. It makes my lashes look long, without getting too heavy or flaking on me.

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Good thing L'Oreal has a nearly identical dupe in its Voluminous Mascara.