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Is this a known fact? MacBook and iMac computers introduced in late are also compatible. Officially, the MacPro4,1 did not make the cut. However, someone may come up with an unofficial way to get it to work via a firmware update or similar in the future. No guarantees.

I think it takes less power than the and cards mentioned by others. You can't upgrade the driver until you get the OS to the version it goes with. It is fairly straightforward to upgrade the firmware of the MacPro4,1 to that of the 5,1. After doing so, the system reports itself as the later model.

People have been doing this for years so that they could use different CPUs. I have read multiple confirmations that a 4,1 modified in this way will run Sierra -- after all, the machine says it's one of the supported models. Since the MacPro5,1 was sold until October , I'm hopeful that it will be supported for a few more years of macOS releases. Alternatively there is a tool to patch the Sierra beta to make it run on various unsupported models. Presumably this will be updated if necessary for the production OS.

AMD's Radeon HD 4870 X2 - Testing the Multi-GPU Waters

Because of the possibility that something bad happens, I don't feel comfortable providing links. It's not hard to find this information if you know what you're looking for. I am interested in the Nvidia , , They are PCI 3. I'd be curious to know if they might work.

I emailed macvidcards. I am thinking of updating to the GTX I use the Cuda cores in Adobe Premiere. As far as the drivers: It is true that every system update requires a new driver from Nvidia. It hasn't been a problem, as the system defaults to the OS X driver when it finds an outdated driver. Nvidia has been great about quickly supplying the drivers. For example, there are drivers for Mac OS X Is anyone using the GTX ?

I am not affiliated with Macvidcards. Doug Show this Post. Just so you know, all "upgrade" cards require more electricity to run and run a bit warmer some even hot. Each card is good, but if you aren't going to use the extra features, then I recommend buying another Nvidia I have two machines - my main one that uses a semi-powerhouse of a GTX for rendering with Adobe Premiere and another Mac Pro that runs my LTO backup software, which has the , because all it runs is system software.

Anonymous Show this Post. Some cards need flashing to work on the Mac, perhaps all. Brian Charles Show this Post. Brian Charles. The flashed Zotac nVidia card installed in my MacPro 5,1 began to fail after 2 years. Symptoms included unexpected shutdowns and complete freezes. Crashes occurred in OX Caveat Emptor.

I'm using an nVidia k for Mac video card on a Mac Pro. I purchased it so that I could have dual 4k monitors two Dell PQ monitors. They work extremely well with this card, with no additional drivers or modifications required. I'm running The only caveat is that video kicks in only at the login screen - I don't see any video before that. This means that I can't use FileVault, as that shows a security logon screen before the standard logon screen.

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However, even that works when I connect a third non-4k monitor. I don't really have the space for a permanent 3-monitor installation, so I'm living without FileVault. This card has worked fine through various I imagine that a flashed video card such as the or would likely work just fine with 2 monitors. But then you have to run But, then, it's a lot cheaper. David Losada Show this Post. David Losada. Thanks to Ric and to the great MacInTouch community for all the responses to this request for advice. For others reading this thread, perhaps interested in an upgraded video card, there is excellent information on alternative cards at everymac and macvideocards.

Although better cards are available for x what I paid for my replacement, I was interested to learn that it it quite possible to spend several thousand dollars on the most powerful options. A couple of readers recommended Radeon cards over Nvidia but another suggested that the latter may have better longevity if one is purchasing a used card, already several years old. Some suggested that flashed cards not originally designed for the Mac are a good buy but there remains the issue of drivers particularly for newly-released OS versions , HDCP compatibility, and some quirks about which ports are supported, especially on the boot screen.

Once again, thanks for the great response and good luck to others in a similar situation. There has been some recent discussion on the fact that the next iteration of the Mac OS Sierra will basically make my early Mac Pro 4,1 obsolete short of doing a firmware upgrade to trick the system into thinking it's a 5,1. This has caused me to start thinking about the idea that maybe it's about time to refresh my system.

I keep hoping that Apple will come up with a modified cheese grater variant of the Mac Pro. If I were to go down this path, what is the most efficient way to make connectivity with these devices? Most of the USB stuff shouldn't be a problem, but I'm wondering about the conversion from Thunderbolt to DisplayPort and Thunderbolt to some form of external disk drive rack. I'm even considering swapping out the platter drives in my old system to SSDs. I assume there's probably a recommended converter for Thunderbolt to DisplayPort and probably a recommended way to connect three independent SSD drives to the trash can.

If anybody could point me in a good direction on this, it would be appreciated. Also, it's been a long time since Apple has made any significant changes to the current Mac Pro. Does anyone have a guess as to what's next? Should I wait a year or so to see if anything changes? I hear the rumors about the upgrade to the MacBook Pros coming.

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Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll take a look at the Mac Pros at the same time? I kind of doubt it. I'm not known to have good luck. Just because your MacPro4,1 will not support macOS Sierra does not mean you need to worry about immediately replacing it.

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El Capitan will receive support for a couple more years still with security updates. Think about sticking with what you have for a few more years while keeping an eye open to where Apple is going and saving a few dollars along the way towards those future plans. As for what is coming next from Apple, anyone here would only be guessing. No need to get worried with speculation. You're right as to the speculation part of this post. My initial investigations into SSD drive racks have yielded some workable results but nothing that really gets me motivated at this point.

Still looking into the Thunderbolt to DisplayPort and drive rack. It's the Thunderbolt Displays that can't plug into a Mini DisplayPort for video, so you should be fine on that front. As for the rest, no point in upgrading now with all Macs being so woefully out of date, so we need to see what Apple comes up with next and go from there. If it's just an update to the trashcan, then an external Thunderbolt drive enclosure seems to be the only realistic solution for extra hard drives.

Count me among the confused here. I am also in the process of upgrading my Early Mac Pro. What, if any, are my options for: 1. Typically, the PC versions have a red plastic cover - the Mac one I listed has, as you can see, a white plastic cover. PC versions can have Mac-,compatible EFI firmware 'flashed' on to them but this is not a compulsory step; they will work without this. Answer all these and we might be able to help you.

The graphics card is working fine! My friend gave it to me because he bought a new one, but he have lost the cd.

Before this card i was using a nvidia one mb. Here some stats that i managed to take:. Apr 29, 26, 29 81, 2, System specs? So the only issue you have is downloading a new driver? If it's working fine then you shouldn't change anything much. Give us a feedback here.

Then use driversweeper to remove the Nvidia components completely from the rig.

After that install the ATI Card and try to install the drivers. I dont know what is memtest and how to use it. Driver sweeper i can find the link but what could i do with it? Mar 29, 56 0 18, 1. Driver Sweeper will let you remove the drivers installed for your old nVidia card. I used it delete all nvidia drivers , restarted the pc. Did you uninstall all the ATI stuff too before you tried to install drivers or just the Nvidia drivers? You must log in or register to reply here. Post thread. Graphics Cards. For my sapphire pulse. Latest posts B.

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