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Garmin Edge It won't appear in history until you reset, i. I get one as part of the job I just noticed some extra fields in the activity list page on Garmin Connect since the update.

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Don't know if they where there before and I hadn't noticed them and only have now because they're swimming based columns and I've been reading up on the XT or if it has something to do with the software update but the strokes field has data in it for every ride since the update but none before. It appears that it shows the total number of pedal revolutions for the ride. Went to turn on the GPS today after my morning commute and it was dead. No response from buttons, reset etc does not work.

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  8. Got some faint signs of life out of it but it kept powering off at random. Tried to reload the firmware, GPS restarted and then hung during the update process. I then got "Software Missing", now the device won't power on at all.

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    5. Basically, bricked I have an updater that is supposed to resolve the "Software Missing" issue, but it assumes you can actually power the GPS up. I don't have that kind of luck, so looks like probably an RMA and sending it off.

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      Just out of warranty too isn't it always the case? Can't say I wasn't warned, but I was too hopeful for the Courses feature to be fixed it isn't! Contacted Garmin support about the screen being blank issue. Suggested a hard reset. It is recorded and showed up in the workout history though, so at least it's there Since the latest Garmin 3.

      I connected my Garmin Edge to my laptop to charge and noticed a firmware update available in Garmin Garmin Edge Firmware: how to downgrade the firmware Surely there is a setting to not automatically update firmware? Garmin Edge Firmware: how to Go to www. Sending Your Ride to Featuring the preloaded Garmin Cycle Map, Edge provides turn-by-turn directions for Garmin Support Center is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help with all of your Garmin products.