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We bring you 15 most unique accommodations near Khao Yai National Park. Bangkok Things to do. Bangkok Where to stay. Here's the best cafes and restaurants in Bangkok that will prove Thailand is up to scratch when it comes to unique dining experience. Bangkok Where to eat.

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If you see a pallet with square tiles, its fake. For the eyeshadow pigments, There's are harder to tell, other than the box stuff I already told you about, one sure fire way to tell if it's fake or not is to open the bottle. Real MAC will have a plastic piece that comes off so you can dip your shadow brush in, on some fake ones they will have a little plastic piece with a hole in it and your brush would never fit into it.

Not ALL fake pigmentation will have this though.


They do sell smaller palettes though, so if you see a MAC palette with eyeshadows. Only the foundation comes with a sponge or applicator! So if you see MAC eyeshadow, blush etc with a mirror built in and an applicator, its fake! Only if it's a holiday item. You have to buy MAC brushes at singles.

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MAC brushes have a black wooden base. The brush part on it is actually really soft to your skin, if it feels rough its fake.

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Also with MAC brushes on the base it will say MAC and it's really easy to take off with your fingernail or with using it a few times. If you see this, its FAKE! MAC brushes will come in one clear soft plastic casing. It will never come in hard plastic and it will never have an extra protector for the bristles.

Lipstick: This is another hard one. They look almost identical! The only way to tell for sure is to ask to swatch it. If it comes off chalky its fake. Also real MAC gloss has a larger applicator while as the fakes have smaller ones. If someone is telling you they got the MAC makeup for so cheap because they bought it from the warehouse, they're lying. MAC will not and does not sell from the warehouse to individual people.

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  • If you want to make sure you are buying real MAC makeup here are some places you should try:. Actual storefronts for the brand i. I've known some people who swear by their fake MAC products. It all depends on who's making it. It could just be a. Using products: M. C Full Coverage Fondation, Get your Glamour with Makeup by Meri Xiaomi redmi 2 1.

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