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When I first reviewed Masterverb, way back in SOS February , I was impressed by its smooth sound and low CPU overhead; each new version since has brought a few refinements, but version 5 is the result of a major overhaul that has added a huge number of new features.


There's still a draggable 'ball' to set room size horizontal and decay time vertical , with the frequency response over time being displayed graphically in a 3D window, but now there's a new section devoted to early reflections. Here you can choose from 13 characteristic reflection patterns pertaining to various rooms, chambers, plates, halls, churches, and even single and ping-pong echos. Some musicians haven't yet realised how essential these can be to 'place' a sound within a space.

Both early and late portions now appear in a new Time Response display, while the Late reverb algorithm now has a plate as well as a hall option, and early and late damping is now considerably more sophisticated, with three-band EQ controls.

Wave Arts 11-33097 Overview

There's also a new Envelope section with classic threshold, attack, release and hold controls, so you can create gated and 'reverse' reverb. While importing Masterverb 4 presets shows that the basic hall algorithm is the same, the new Masterverb 5 preset collection offers far smoother rooms and halls, shimmering plates, huge gated drum sounds and exotic special effects.

The new features have totally transformed the overall sound into something decidedly more versatile and sophisticated. Although many of us now reach for realistic convolution reverbs, Masterverb 5 's traditional algorithmic reverb sounds excellent, is much quicker to tweak, is more versatile, and used less than half the CPU overhead of any convolution reverb in my collection. Panorama takes the previous Wave Surround plug-in to a completely new level.

Still based on HRTF Head Related Transfer Functions and binaural synthesis, and with playback modes to suit headphones or various speaker arrangements, it once again allows the user to move the virtual speakers in the graphic window to place sounds in between the speakers, beyond them, and on some systems make them appear to move behind the listener, with or without optional reverb to make sounds fit into a real acoustic space.

Wave Arts - TrackPlug 5 Works in Premiere

However, the new version not only gives you control over the width of your image, from mono to super-stereo, but also the power to position your sounds in 3D space, in either Polar co-ordinates azimuth and elevation in degrees, and distance in feet or metres , or Cartesian co-ordinates X, Y and Z, all in feet or metres. The reverb section has also been enhanced by a choice of room algorithms, and there's a completely new Reflections section.

Once you click on that section's title bar you find a comprehensive set of extra controls that let you set the distance and material of each of the six faces of your virtual space. The most exciting aspect is that you can grab the source sound in the overhead view window and drag it around in real time between the speakers, behind them, closer and further away, and even up and down, with optional Doppler pitch processing for generating realistic motion effects.

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As with Wave Surround, I found the 'beyond the speakers' effects worked well, as did the new width and distance parameters, particularly with the Reflection and Reverb sections on, so that you could hear more reflected sound as it moved further away. Nevertheless, the draggable source is totally automatable, letting you record complex moves in real time, and with the Doppler mode on I began to experience motion sickness within a few seconds, particularly in speaker mode with percussion tracks.

Wave Arts Power Suite 5 Mixing / Mastering Plug-In B&H

For anyone wanting to create movement in their mixes, this plug-in is great fun. Overall, Wave Arts' Power Suite 5 is a huge leap forward from previous versions, particularly in the areas of compression, reverb and spatial effects. Plugging Away MultiDynamics. A Panoramic View Panorama. Final Thoughts Overall, Wave Arts' Power Suite 5 is a huge leap forward from previous versions, particularly in the areas of compression, reverb and spatial effects.

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